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Mulago Hospital To Open Regional Cancer Treatment Centres

Mulago Hospital plans to open up regional cancer treatment centers, to make it easier for cancer patients in rural areas to get state-of-the-art treatment closer to home.
Speaking to Journalists in Kampala, the Head of Mulago Hospital's Cancer Institute, Dr. Jackson Orem, said that the hospital has designed a national strategy to increase a the cancer treatment centers, to cater for cancer patients upcountry.
The regional centers will be rated as comprehensive community cancer centers with radiation and medical oncology services in one facility.
Orem says the national strategy also looks at ways of increasing salaries for cancer specialists in order to control the problem of brain drain.
Orem said the cancer needs up to six billion shillings to run the institute. Government however allocates 150 million shillings per year.
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The Mulago Hospital Executive Director, Dr. Edward Ddumba, says that the hospital is negotiating with Washington Hospital in the U.S, to find possibilities of rehabilitating cancer patients.
He said that if successful, the on-going negotiations will be a big break through, for both Mulago hospital and the patients.
Ddumba refuted reports in the media today that the Cancer Institute may be closed due to financial constraints.


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