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Banyoro Pressure Group Demands Resolution of Bafuruki Question

The Mubende Banyoro Committee, a Kibaale-based lobby group, wants government to resolve all issues regarding indigenous land rights and migration into Bunyoro by December 31st.

Addressing a news conference at the Kibaale district headquarters, the chairperson of the Mubende Banyoro Committee, Kyabangi Kaata Musoke, said he was concerned that government has done little to address the concerns of the Banyoro. He said tensions between the Banyoro and other tribes who have settled in the region need a conclusive resolution if Bunyoro is to develop.

Kibaale is a hotbed of tribal conflicts. The main bone of contention is in regard to land ownership and political power rights of the large Bakiga community that has resettled there.

The conflicts escalated earlier this year, when a letter, allegedly authored by President Yoweri Museveni, was leaked to the media. In the letter, the President reportedly recommended that all elected political positions in Bunyoro should be reserved for Banyoro

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