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Iganga Woman to Spend Three Years in Jail for Child Abuse

Hajira Babirye, a resident of Bugumba zone in Iganga is to spend three years in jail for child abuse. Babirye appeared on Tuesday before Richard Oluge, Iganga Grade one magistrate who found her guilty of burning her 6-year-old son Abdul Alimansi.

Prosecution told court that on 17 September 2010 in Bugumba zone, Babirye burnt Alimansi using firewood and polythen paper accusing him of eating left over food.

Babirye was pinned by Asuman Saidi, the vice chairperson of Bugumba village who told court that the suspect tied the minor and piled firewood on him before starting a fire.

In his ruling, Richard Oluge, Iganga Grade one magistrate said that prosecution had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt and sentenced the accused to three years in jail. He said the sentence would act as a deterrent to other would be child abusers.

Abdul Wadebe, the father of Abdul Alimansi welcomed the court ruling saying it was fair for Babirye to serve her punishment for mistreating his son.

child abuse

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