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Theft of Solar Panels Leaves Kalangala in Water Crisis

40 solar panels worth unspecified amount of money have been stolen from Kalangala town council triggering a severe water crisis.
40 solar panels worth unspecified amount of money have been stolen from Kalangala town council triggering a severe water crisis. The solar panels were donated to Kalangala town council last year by ministry of water to power water pumps that are found in Muffe cell. Sulayiti Lutakome, Kalangala town Council LC3 Chairman says that the solar panels went missing last week.
He said that they discovered the theft after the town council started experiencing a severe water crisis forcing them to check what has happened to the pumps. Lutakome says they found the solar panels missing and the security guards from security Group 2000 who were deployed to guard them were nowhere to be seen. Lutakome says that they have traced the whereabouts of the guards in vain.

He says that they have reported the theft to police and security 2000 group to launch investigations into the theft of the solar panels. Godfrey Matte, Kalangala District Police commander says that police has already launched investigations into the matter. Matte says he suspects the guards could have connived with thugs to disappear with the solar panels. He says that police also intends to question the management of Security Group 2000 over the theft.

The theft of the solar panels has plunged Kalangala town council into a water crisis. Some residents told URN that with the water pump now off they hardly get tapped water. Joyce Kikomeko, a resident of Kalangala says that they now rely on unsafe water. She wants police to expedite the investigations into the theft. Last year, another security guard disappeared with solar panels installed at the offices of Kalangala Electoral commission, leaving the offices in a blackout.

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Accepted on 2011-11-16 15:34:28


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