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Prime Minister's Office threatens to Deduct Moroto PRDP Funds

Moroto district is at the verge of lossing 330 million under the Peace, Recovery and Development Plan funds-PRDP for failing to account for the funds it received under the first phase of the Northern Uganda Social Action Funds.
Moroto district is at the verge of losing 330 million under the Peace, Recovery and Development Plan funds-PRDP for failing to account for the funds it received under the first phase of the Northern Uganda Social Action Funds.  Mark Aol, Moroto LC V chairman says that he has received a letter from Pius Bigirimana, the permanent secretary office of the Prime Minister  indicating that shillings 330.9 million shillings will be deducted from the PRDP funds to recover missing  NUSAF I funds.

Aol says in the letter, the Prime minister’s office complains that despite several efforts government has failed to recovery about 3 billion shillings that was sent to the district under  the first phase of NUSAF.  He explains that government has devised a strategy to deduct money from the district as a punishment for their failure to account for NUSAF funds.  

But Aol says that they have written to the prime minister’s office protesting the decision to deduct  PRDP funds from Moroto. In his letter to the Prime Minister, Aol explains  that district authorities did all that they could to ensure accountability for the NUSAF money in question.  Aol argues that they compiled a list of all the people who  were responsible for the accountability of the money and submitted it to police for action.

He says that some of the implicated people  were forced to refund the money, others to complete the projects they had abandoned while others were prosecuted, something he says translates to accountability.  Aol however blames police for the delaying the prosecution of people involved in misappropraiting NUSAF money saying they district should not be held accountable for the failure of police to play its part.

He argues that  deducting  PRDP funds for Moroto district would render it meaningless  since there would be no impact. Aol also argues that they have already budgeted for the expected funds saying that reducting it would affect the overall program. He says that he is mobilizing a team of councilors to travel to Kampala and meet the PM over the matter.
Stephen Ouma, Moroto District Chief Administrative Officer says they had planned to channel the funds to priority areas such  as education, health, water and social infrastructures amongst othersd. He says Moroto district was allocated about 1.7 billion shillings for PRDP in the latest quarter.

Karamoja region is said to have led in the misappropriation of the first phase of NUSAF with about 1.7 billion shillings still unaccounted by last year.  Recently, police recovered 832 million shillings misappropriated in Karamoja region under the NUSAF project.

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