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Ugandan Girls "Sold" into Iraq Want UGX 3.6b in Compensation

Eighteen Ugandan girls, who escaped from their captivity in Iraq where they were allegedly sold as sex slaves, have sued government seeking up to 3.6 billion in compensation.
Eighteen Ugandan girls, who escaped from their captivity in Iraq where they were allegedly sold as sex slaves, have sued government seeking compensation of 200 million shillings each.

This comes to 3.6 billion shillings in total.

Ladislaus Rwakafuzi, the lawyer for the 18 girls says the damages accrue from government’s failure to supervise the operations of Uganda Veterans Development Limited, the company that was licensed to take the girls to Iraq.  Another girl was reportedly trafficked by Detail Protection Services, a company owned by President Yoweri Museveni’s brother, Michael Nuwagira commonly known as Toyota. 

Uganda Veterans Development Limited is owned by Grace Kanyiike and Col. Chris Mudhoola.  A number of Ugandans have been exported to other countries to offer foreign labour but some of them have ended up in prostitution in Malaysia and China.

Rwakafuzi says that though government has the External Employment Unit – EEU under the Ministry of Gender, it had failed to enforce the law that prohibits companies exporting labour from taking girls outside the country as housemaids.

Over 148 girls were taken to Iraq but up to now only 18 have been able to escape from their masters and come back home with the help of American marines.

Rwakafuzi says some of the girls had been raped, sodomised, abused, assaulted but the majority were never paid any money for the domestic work they were involved in.

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The human rights lawyer explained that he does not know how many girls might be out there and wants government to set up a commission of inquiry into the trafficking of the girls to establish where all the girls are and unite them with their families.

Rwakafuzi however said they had subjected the girls to medical examination after they were brought back from Iraq and found that one of them who claimed her internal organs might have been removed were intact.

This particular girl’s suspicion was raised after she woke up in an Iraqi hospital under unclear circumstances. She bears a scar but to date she does not know what might have been removed.

A medical report of one of the girls had proved her hand was broken while working as a domestic servant in Iraq but it was difficult to prove the girls had been sodomised as they had claimed.

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Rwakafuzi explained that they were still waiting for Justice Elizabeth Musoke who is expected to name a date to commence the hearing of the case any time soon.

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