Water Crisis Hits Nakapiripirit

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Susan Talep

Residents of Nakapiripirit town council use the same water source for bathing, drinking and other domestic purposes

In short
Most residents are depending on unprotected stream water for domestic use

The only borehole serving Nakapiripirit town council has broken down, plunging the municiplity into a severe water crisis.
Most residents are depending on unprotected stream water for domestic use. 

A pipe water project under NUSAF that was expected to rescue the water situation in Nakapiripirit town council has since been unable to ensure adequate supply of water because of the low pressure caused by a fault in fixing the reservoir tank.
The crisis is causing worries to the district health team. The team has warned residents of the likely outbreak of water related disease like dysentery, diarrhea and cholera.
Philip Siloi, the District Health Inspector has advised the people to boil water before it is consumed.
Siloi called upon government and other stakeholders to supply water purifiers to improve the quality of water and make it safe for drinking.
Pulukol Marino, the Nakapiripirit town council Health Inspector will on Thursday convene a meeting to discuss ways to manage the situation which he referred it as an emergency.
Meanwhile the district town council is working hard to improve on water supply system.
According to Hilary Topoth, the acting Town Cerk, the town council will transfer one water tank under NUSAF from Lopopongo to Lokoona where the water crisis levels have reached higher levels. 
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