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New Initiative Launched to Combat Malaria

The T-3 initiative, which stands for Test, Treat and Track, works to stop malaria.
The World Health Organization –WHO has launched a new initiative to combat malaria. The T-3 initiative, which stands for Test, Treat and Track, works to stop malaria.

The World Health Organization says the number of malaria cases and deaths have been reduced by more than 50 per cent between 2000 and 2010. This is partly due to the distribution and use of long-lasting insecticide-treated bed-nets as well as the availability of anti-malaria drugs.

Dr. Richard Cibulskis from the WHO's Global Malaria Programme however says that despite these gains, malaria still kills over 650,000 people each year.

Dr. Richard Cibulskis explains how the three T initiatives will work to control the malaria.

/// Cue in: "The test is to make sure that every suspected case of malaria gets a diagnostic test.
Cue out: … helping us to reduce the malaria burden.///

Meanwhile, the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon says efforts to combat malaria need to be intensified. He says $3.2 billion is still needed to achieve and maintain universal coverage in Africa up to 2015 and ultimately to defeat the disease.

He says under the Roll Back Malaria Partnership, which involves the public and private sector, malaria control has emerged as the landmark example of what the world can achieve working together.

The Secretary-General points out that despite progress made in combating the disease, malaria continues to be a leading killer.

/// Cue in: "The simple proven tools we are using to prevent and treat malaria
Cue out: … It is time to finish the job.///

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