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Tooro Queen Mother Evicts Family

Kemigisha stormed the home of 60-year-old John Businge on Wednesday evening accompanied by six UPDF soldiers from King Oyo’s security detail.
Tooro Queen Mother Best Kemigisa has evicted a family from a disputed piece of land in Harukoto parish in South division of Fort Portal municipality.

Kemigisa stormed the home of 60-year-old John Businge on Wednesday evening accompanied by six UPDF soldiers from King Oyo’s security detail. Kemigisa claims to be the rightful owner of the four acre piece of land. When she arrived at Businge’s house, she asked for him but he wasn’t at home.

The royal guards who were armed with pangas descended on his garden and cut a banana plantation, beans and trees. When Businge’s wife Clophas Nyangoma saw what was happening, she called Jorum Bintamanya, the councilor for South division to intervene. However, when Bintamanya came the soldiers drew guns at him and threatened to shoot him. Residents hurled insults at the royal guards who were cutting down Businge’s plantation, but they went on unbothered.

After destroying the property, Kemigisa and the soldiers walked away and warned Businge never to encroach on the land again. Businge told Uganda Radio Network that he has been occupying the disputed land for more than 50 years. According to Businge, he acquired the land from his grandfather Paul Rukumbya, who was given the land by the late Omukama of Tooro David Kyebambe Kasagama who reigned from 1894 to 1928.

Following the destruction of his property, Businge has opened a case of trespass and malicious damage to property against Kemigisa at Fort Portal police station. The Western region Criminal Investigations officer Richard Mugwisagye says that investigations into the incident are on-going. He says that once investigations are complete they will forward the file to the regional state attorney for advice.

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