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Cattle Rustlers Kill One in Lira District

Cattle rustlers last night killed a man in Awee village, Lira district, as he attempted to protect his herds from theft.

The LC1 chairperson of Awee, James Ojuka, says the group of five cattle rustlers attacked the village at about 9 p.m. last night. They raided the home of Tom Odongo, shooting him dead when he tried to protect his cattle from the thieves.

Ojuka says the cattle rustlers abducted one other person and stole three bicycles before fleeing back into Kotido district. He says the matter has been reported to the coordination office of the police Anti Stock Theft Unit.

Unconfirmed police reports say more than 300 officers have been deployed at the border between Lango and Karamoja sub-regions to stop cattle rustlers from entering into northern Uganda.

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Type Report
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Location Lira, Uganda
Accepted on 2006-10-31 11:49:54