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  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse on the Increase - Butabika Hospital
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    Dr. David Basangwa, the executive director Butabika Hospital, has revealed that the number of patients admitted at the drug and alcohol unit of the national mental health facility has increased. Data from the hospital sows that the mostly commonly abused substances in the country are; alcohol, marijuana cannabis/weed, khat/mairungi, heroin, cocaine prescription pain medicine like tramadol, pethidine and valium.

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  • Baby Lacks UGX20 Million for Post-liver Transplant Care
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    Being born into a deprived family can be humiliatingly restraining. Had it not been for deprivation, one-year-old baby Ruth Jasmine Ajolorwoth wouldnt be crying out for 5,500 US dollars, equivalent to 20 million Uganda shillings, for medicines and care after undergoing liver transplant in India. Ruth has been diagnosed with biliary atresia, a rare condition in newborn babies in which the common bile duct between the liver and the small intestine is blocked or absent. Early surgical intervention is critical to prevent irreversible liver damage.

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  • Christmas at Butabika Mental Hospital
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    With birds beautifully chirping in the trees, patients walk around the compound just like any other normal day. There is no tinsel, Christmas lights or trees. Assimwe, a patient at in the Alchohol and Drug Unit slowly walks to the Anglican Church to join 14 others attending the Christmas service.

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