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  • Museveni's Response to Feedback on Social Media, Mobile Money Taxes
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    Premaz Kirabo Mayega was for scraping the tax. Tusime Peter wonders what will happen to those who had paid the 1. George Mugwanja said tax should be simple and easily collected. Henry Othieno wonders why we do not tax the multinationals. Hackim Niwazy, commends my message but informs me that they are taxing mere deposits. I have been following up all these issues for a long time. Here are my comments on each of the points:

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  • Kyotera DPC Loses Gun To Thugs
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    According to information obtained by our reporter, two armed thugs donning military uniform stopped Kayongos private car at around 3am claiming to be operatives from the Special Forces Command. They reportedly persuaded Kayongo to surrender his pistol to help them in their operation since President Yoweri Museveni was expected in Kyotera the following day.

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