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Family: Professor Mukiibi Suffered Cardiac Arrest
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According to Tulina, they rushed Professor Mukiibi to Norvic Hospital where he breathed his last at around 2am while being monitored by a team of doctors from Norvic and Nakasero hospital. Tulina explains prior to the cardiac arrest, Professor Mukiibi slipped off his bed and sustained head injuries about two weeks ago but was treated at Norvic Hospital.

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  • Ex-Uganda 'President' Wacha-Olwol is Dead
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    Wacha-Olwol was a member and head of the three-man Presidential Commission that governed the affairs of the state of Uganda between May 22 and December 15, 1980. This was after the Military Commission headed by Paulo Muwanga and deputised by Yoweri Museveni overthrew the government of President Godfrey Binaisa. The other members of the presidential commission were Justices Saulo Musoke and Polycarp Nyamuchoncho. It is this commission that handed over power to President Milton Obote after the controversial December 12, 1980 general elections.

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