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Pictorial: International Day for Street Children
Comments 362 Views Kampala, Uganda

Street-connected children in Kampala have reported mistreatment by city authorities and Uganda Police Force. More than 700 street children living in Katwe and Kisenyi slums on Thursday gathered in Kampala for the International Day of the Street Child. The day was characterised with processions in slums and dinning with NGO officials as well as receiving medical checkups from health workers.

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  • Individuals, Not Culture to Blame for Wife Battering -CCFU
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    Emily Drani, the Executive Director of CCFU says while there is a tendency to attribute women aggression and oppression to culture, in CCFUs 12 years of examining the relevance of culture to contemporary development, they are yet to find a Ugandan culture that okays wife battering. Drani says, if anything, culture provides for systems through which domestic conflict is minimized.

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