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Museveni Cautions Security Agencies against Torture
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Museveni further argues that confessions by criminals are not necessary in investigations. He says that even if the suspects do not admit their guilt, criminals can get convicted if the investigators do their work well through finger-prints, photographs, DNA tests, eye-witnesses accounts and the use of other scientific methods.

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  • UPDF Troops Accused Of Rape, Sexual Exploitation In CAR
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    A contingent of the Ugandan army returning from Central African Republic CAR are being accused of having sexually exploited or abused at least 13 women and girls since 2015. A report by Human Rights Watch HRW says at least one rape was registered. In a statement issued by its Nairobi office, HRW says it interviewed 13 women and 3 girls early this year.

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  • Uganda Amnesty Commission Issues Postdated Certificates
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    The Commission on Tuesday issued certificates of blanket amnesty to 45-year-old Bosco Kilama and 21-year-old Simon Peter Ochora. The certificates were signed by Justice Onega Obel, the chairperson of Uganda Amnesty Commission and postdated to take effect on May 24th this year. The implication on the beneficiaries is that they are liable to be sued for alleged crimes within the one-month window unless they are recalled immediately.

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  • Suspect Pins Police for Protecting Criminal Gangs
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    Juma Muyirwa, a suspect who was paraded before the Inspector General of Police IGP Kale Kayihura this morning, said their planning meetings, often held in Kampala, are guarded by policemen with patrol cars. He observes that one of the meetings was attended by more than 250 thugs at Mt Zion hotel in Makerere.

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