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  • New Details Emerge About Rot in Minerals Sector
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    The Office of the Auditor General says the management assessed royalty and awarded exports for 93 kilograms of gold worth 11.82 billion Shillings. But corroborative reports from the Customs and Excise Department of URA indicated that 5,316 kilos of gold had been exported. The gold exports were valued at close to 700 billion Shillings, according to the Auditor General.

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  • Tuskys Takes Over Nakumatt Supermarkets
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    Nakumatt has been faced with financial woes that have seen several stores close down both in Uganda and Kenya, as day by day, the shelves were becoming emptier. It was revealed that the company was collapsing as a result of multi-billion Shillings debts to suppliers, banks and tax bodies.

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