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  • Mayanja-Nkangi led Uganda's Most Important Economic Reforms in History - Mutebile
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    Central Bank Governor Mutebile said when the late Mayanja-Nkangi became Minister of Planning and Economic Development in 1989, the economy was suffering from triple digit inflation, acute shortages of foreign exchange and the collapse of production in key sectors of the economy. The Governor names the sectors as the coffee industry and other export industries which had been rendered noncompetitive by a grossly overvalued real exchange rate.

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  • Historian Revisits Nkangi Role in 1966 Lubiri Attack
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    Historian Profesor A. B.K Kasozi has said Jehoash Mayanja Nkangi was appointed Buganda Kingdom Katikiro at a time when it was too late for him to reverse the course of events that unfolded in 1966. Prof Kasozi, author of The Bitter Bread of Exile, a book about the financial problems of Sir Edward Mutesa II during his final exile between 1966 and 1969, told Uganda Radio Network in an interview that when Nkangi became prime minister, events were already rolling and the kingdom was set for a confrontation with the central government.

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