Sleeping Sickness Becoming Difficult to Control- Medical Officer

1437 Views Lira, Uganda
Sleeping sickness in Lira and Teso regions has become increasingly difficult to control, according to the Lwala Missionary hospital medical superintendent, Dr Allan Mpaire. Mpaire says more than 300 people remain admitted at the Lwala Hospital Sleeping Sickness treatment center, while eight have died since the disease broke out in 2004. Mpaire explains that the unrestricted movements of cattle, lack of resources to follow up patients, and poor attitudes by communities, have frustrated efforts to control the disease. The situation has been aggravated by the unwillingness of the medical personnel to handle the cases. //Cue in; iThe first case we # Cue out: # Amolatar districts.i// The Deputy Director Control Trypanosomiasis in Uganda, Fred Kansiime, attributes the recurrence of sleeping sickness in Soroti, Kaberamaido and Arua districts to the government failure to initiate good land use plans, for areas reclaimed of tsetse flies.


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