Bunyoro Land Commission Implicates Senior Politicians in Land Grabbing

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A commission of enquiry into the Bunyoro land issues has implicated several senior politicians in illegal land grabbing in Bunyoro. The commission of enquiry chaired by Professor Ruth Mukama was instituted in 2005, to investigate the cause of ethnic and land conflicts in Kibaale, Hoima and Masindi district. According to the commission's findings, rich banyoro used their influence to evict poor people and acquire large tracts of land. Some of the people implicated in the report are the public service minister, Henry Muganwa Kajura and Uganda's ambassador to Kenya, Brigadier Matayo Kyaligonza. Kajura is alleged to have acquired huge tracts of land in Kigorobya. He is also named among the people who aquired former settlers farms in Kitoba sub-county. Kyaligonza on the other hand is accused of evicting several families in Kitole village without compensation. The commission heard that in September 2004, Kyaligonza refused to discuss the land issues with the affected families and instead accused them of trespass. Others named implicated in the report are engineers Nyabwana Kaboha and Lutaalo Kabusenene. The two are alleged to have evicted several families in Kabwoya sub-county. The Commission recommends that the IGG working with other relevant authorities should investigate all cases which are fueling ethnic disharmony in the three districts.


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