50 West Nile Bank Front Fighters Granted Amnesty

3868 Views Kampala, Uganda
Fifty former fighters of the defunct West Nile Bank Front have been granted Amnesty. The fighters include former soldiers of the Uganda Army of late President Idi Amin. Amnesty commissions Principal legal Officer, Nathan Twinomugisha, says the 50 fighters have been in exile in neighboring Kenya. The former fighters were handed their certificates and packages today following three weeks of psychosocial rehabilitation in Mbale. The West Nile Bank Front was a rebel armed force under the Command of Juma Oris. The group was dislodged from its bases in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo by the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces in 1998 following the death of their leader. Meanwhile, Twinomugisha says the Amnesty Commission is processing certificates of 10 former fighters of the Holy Spirit Movement of the late Alice Lakwena. The fighters applied for Amnesty, shortly after the death of their leader Alice Lakwena, last month.


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