LRA Not Ready To Renew Expiring Truce, Says Otti

1133 Views Kampala, Uganda
The Lords Resistance Army (LRA), deputy commander Vincent Otti, says the LRA will not renew a landmark truce with government. The truce expires at midnight tonight. The ceasefire, signed in August and renewed last December, raised hopes of an end to a conflict that has killed tens of thousands of people and uprooted 1.7 million in northern Uganda. The LRA pulled out of peace talks with the government in Juba last month, citing security fears, after Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir threatened to flush them out of Sudan. They demanded that the venue for the peace talks be changed to either Kenya or South Africa. Speaking to Reuters News Agency from his forest hideout in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, Otti said the truce was not being respected by the government. He claimed that government was using the truce to plan military operations against the LRA. He however added that the LRA would happily sign an extension of the truce in another venue. But government on the other hand accuses the LRA of violating the truce by failing to gather at the two agreed assembly points in Owinyi-Kibul and Ri-kwangba inside south Sudan. Speaking to Journalists in Kampala on Tuesday Night, President Yoweri Museveni warned that military operations against the LRA were still possible. Otti said the LRA had no plans to resume hostilities, but would hit back in self-defence if attacked by the UPDF.


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