St. Leo's College Kyegobe Closed Indefinately

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St. Leo's College Kyegobe in Fort Portal has been closed and all students sent home after they went on a hunger strike yesterday. Anti-riot police were called in to avert a full scale strike after the students showed signs of breaking into violence. The students compiled a memorandum listing 18 issues that they want urgently addressed. The memorandum lists the poor quality of food, lack of drugs in the school clinic, poor sanitation and the headmaster's harsh administrative style as some of the students' complaints. The students even complained about the lack of a goalkeeper for the school football team. The head teacher of St. Leo's College, Brother John Mary Etubire, convened an emergency meeting with the school's board of governors, teachers and police officer to find a resolution to the hunger strike. He also addressed the students, calling for patience and a quick resolution to their problems. Brother Etubire did not mention when the school would be opened again. The closure of St. Leo's College Kyegobe comes about a month after Nyakasura School, also in Fort Portal, was closed down for three weeks when students went on rampage destroying a vehicle belonging to one of their teachers, and smashing windows. The Nyakasura strike was prompted by a rumor that the school had performed poorly in last year's A-level exams.