Mulago Hospital Introduces Staff Registers to Monitor Absenteeism

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In an effort to improve health care service delivery at Mulago Hospital, the Hospital's management has introduced a clock-in-system, making it mandatory for all staffs to register whenever they report for work and when they leave. The registers were bought and distributed to all units at the hospital. But the move has angered some staff members who have decided to take up the matter with the Medical Workers' Union and are threatening to take up action that may result into what they are describe as iundesirable consequencesi. In a strongly worded letter dated April 20th, the Medical Workers' Union Chairman, Mulago Hospital Branch, Paul Obatta, issued stringent conditions which must be fulfilled by management before the staff can use the registers. Among the conditions are that the hospital should immediately pay all staff their transport allowances agreed to by government in 2005/2006 budget, provide housing allowances to all staff residing outside government houses and pay risk allowances to all the health workers. The union has further demands that the registers be withdrawn from all the units until the workers are sensitized on the new procedures. But The Mulago Hospital Executive Director, Dr.Edward Ddumba, insists that the registers will not be withdrawn. He told Uganda Radio Network that the management is in the process of sensitizing the aggrieved workers. Ddumba said that the innovation is a management tool introduced to check on cases of absenteeism, adding that workers cannot decide how to manage the system themselves. Ddumba said he had met the Union leaders on Friday and would meet them again on Monday to resolve the misunderstanding. Commenting On the demands for transport and housing allowances, Dr. Ddumba said that is a government responsibility which could be amicably sorted out.


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