NEMA Evicts Squatters from Lake Kijanibarora Shores in Rakai

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The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), has started evicting hundreds of encroachers at Kijanibarora Lake shores in Rakai district in a campaign to save the Vanishing lakeshore in the district. The Rakai District Environmental Officer, Jamil Kiyingi, Says despite several warnings,more than 10,000 people have continued to abuse the lakeshores, using it for agriculture and fishing activities and polluting the lake with fertilizers. Kiyingi says that NEMA has teamed up with the Rakai district environment department to peacefully carry out the evictions. The eviction started this morning at Kasagama sub-county. Kiyingi says the squatters are being evicted without compensation. // Cue in: - currently we are # Cue out: # at the moment.//


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