Kamuswaga's Palace in Ruins Three Years after Reinstatement of Kooki Kingdom

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In less than a week, loyalists of the Kooki Kingdom in southern Uganda will converge on Rakai district for the third anniversary celebrations of the reinstatement of the King of the Kooki, Kamuswaga Apollo Ssansa Kabumbuli II. However unless urgent measures are taken to clean up the Kamuswaga's palace in Rakai, what is intended to be a celebration of pride in Kooki culture may turn into a festival of shame. The Kamuswaga's palace is in ruins after it was abandoned by its caretakers and overrun by cattle keepers who have turned the large palace compound into a grazing field. The gardens are overgrown with weeds, cow dung litters the once grassy compound and bird and bats have built nests in the palace. This is a stark difference from the sparkling new palace that was renovated ahead of the Kamuswaga's installation on May 15th 2004. When Uganda Radio Network visited the palace, there was no sign of activity at the palace and no caretakers were in sight. The Kooki kingdom Minister of Lands and Planning, Vianney Mukasa, says there are plans to restore the palace to its former glory. He says the Kamuswaga's cultural council approved a budget for the renovation of the palace. Mukasa discloses that in time, the kingdom will also reclaim several of its buildings that are currently being rented to the Rakai district administration. //Cue in: iWe are planning #i Cue out: i# its own buildings.i// Rakai district pay 1.2 million shillings in rent each month to the Kooki kingdom.