Joseph Kony's Location is Unknown - Defense State Minister

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TGovernment is uncertain of the whereabouts of rebel leader, Joseph Kony. Defense State Minister Ruth Nankabirwa admitted today that Government doesn't know exactly where Kony is. She said he is suspected to be in either Garamba in the Democratic Republic of Congo or in Ri-Kwangba, the gazetted assembly point for the Lord's Resistance Army in Southern Sudan. Yesterday in an interview on Kampala's KFM radio, the Gulu Resident District Commissioner Walter Ochora said he had solid intelligence information that the LRA leader was in the Central African Republic. He said he had impeccable sources within the LRA that could confirm this. Nankabirwa said the LRA team currently holding talks with Government in Juba visited Kony at his base in the Garamba Forest this week to consult with him. She said she has no further information on his whereabouts. //Cue in: iI don't know where #i Cue out: i# I don't know.i// According to a Cessation of Hostilities Agreement signed between the LRA and the Government of Uganda, all LRA troops in the Congo and Southern Sudan are to gather at two gazetted points in the Sudan. Various humanitarian organizations have pledged food aid and medicine to assembling troops. However this week there were rumors that both assembly points have been abandoned. The agreement expires today to give way to the recently-signed final Ceasefire Agreement. Nankabirwa said President Yoweri Museveni is in tough with President Francois Bozize of the Central African Republic to deal with the movement of troops in that country. She however didn't divulge details of any action to be taken.


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