Oyam LC1 Chairperson Arrested for Theft

1587 Views Oyam, Uganda
The LC1 chairperson for Aboloneneo village, in Loro Sub County, Oyam District is in police custody for theft. Charles Onyinge is accused of stealing a cow from a kraal belonging to the family of the late Okullo Epak. Onyinge was nabbed on Friday, while trying to sell the cow at Loro market - the biggest livestock market in Oyam District. On interrogation, Onyinge told Mzee Otim, the late Okullo Epak's brother that he actually stole the cow. According to Otim, five heads of cattle have gone missing from the farm in the recent months and he believes that Onyinge is behind the theft. Police have also arrested the farm manager for conniving with Onyinge to steal the animals.


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