Lira Rural School Closed For Lack Of Staff

1331 Views Lira, Uganda
Ader Primary School in Moroto county, Lira district has been closed and close to 500 pupils sent back home. The school was closed yesterday on the orders of John Bosco Dagama, the LC3 chairperson. Dagama says his order stems from a realization that the school lacks staff and has been operating with only one teacher. Dagama visited the school on Friday, and found many pupils playing past 10:00, o'clock. He says more than 400 pupils were playing in the compound while others sneaked into nearby bushes to hunt for wild fruits. Dagama says that the chronic absence of teacher had reached appalling levels. Rubby Opio, the school headmaster has reportedly appeared only five times since the school term opened in February. The school reopens on April 1st with an emergency PTA meeting convened by the LC3 Chairman.


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