Energy Saving Stoves Cut Energy Costs in Prisons

1797 Views Kampala, Uganda
The Uganda Prison Service with support from the German Technical Services (GTZ),has set up 38 institutional rocket stoves and matching saucepans in 31 government prisons to cut down on the cost of wood fuel for cooking. Frank Baine, the Prisons spokesperson, says the energy saving stoves have significantly cut down on the costs incurred to purchase firewood. He explains that the prison service is now able to save up to one million shillings per month. Baine says since the introduction of energy saving stoves, the prisons have cut down its fuel consumption to one lorry per month. //Cue in: iGenerally we were# Cue out: #four hours.i// According to Baine the department intends to extend energy saving stoves to all the 100 prison units in the next two years. Developed in the 80's by Dr. Larry Winiarski, the institutional rocket stove has also helped reduce the health risk to cooks and deforestation. The institutional rocket stove can save up to 50percent of energy or more. Rocket stoves use branches, twigs, small wood scraps, or just about any small combustible material. There are significantly less carbon emissions with the institutional stoves. Laboratory tests reveal an 80% reduction in carbon emissions and a 65% reduction in fine particulates. Institutional stoves are ideal for school, hospital, refugee camps and prisons which need to prepare food which more than can be held by the ordinary stoves.


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