U.S. Secretary for African Affairs to Witness Kony Append Signature to Peace Deal

1129 Views Juba, South Sudan
Juba's Raha Hotel, was this morning jam packed by diplomats and journalists, pacing up and down seeking to be registered for a historic visit to Ri-Kwangba. The purpose of this visit is to witness the LRA rebel leader, append his signature to the final peace deal. Joseph Kony, the LRA rebel leader, is expected to sign a final peace deal with the government of Uganda on the South Sudan-Congo border, two days before the April 5th official ceremony, for fear of arrest. Gabriel Changson Chang, South Sudan's Information Minister told reporters that There will be two signing ceremonies- the first by Kony in his headquarters in Ri-Kwangba on April 3 and the second by president Museveni in Juba on April 5th. Ri-Kwangba lies on the remote frontier between South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo. An invitation has been sent out for those interested in witnessing Kony make a historic gesture by appending his signature to the peace deal. Among those who braved the long cues are Dr Simeons T,B Kallon who was the chief Negotiator in the Mozambique peace deal and Jendayi Frazer, the US secretary of state for African Affairs. Diplomats, Journalists and the LRA team will leave for Garamba on Wednesday in preparation for the signing ceremony on Thursday April 3rd. The final peace deal calls for LRA fighters to disarm within a month. But top LRA Rebel representatives, led by Nyekorach Matsanga, say Kony would sign, but the group would not lay down its arms until international arrest warrants were scrapped. Kony and two of his senior deputies are wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, for war crimes including rape, murder and the abduction of children. Dr Samson Kwaje, Southern Sudan's agriculture minister, said that an invitation has been sent out to the heads of states of the neighboring countries to be part of the historic team that will witness Kony sign the agreement. But by Monday evening, no head of state had responded to the invitation.