Uganda's Fish Factories under Threat of Closure

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Six out of the 20 major fish factories in Uganda have closed shop because of low fish supplies. The factories that have closed shop include Uganda marine products, Tropical fish, Ngege fish factory and Oakland Fish export is one of Uganda's leading foreign exchange earners. But of recent fish industries are increasingly failing to meet their contractual tonnage with foreign firms. The failure has been attributed to the ever reducing fish stocks in Lake Victoria. Phillip Borel, the Uganda fish processors and exporters association chairperson, predicts a further decline in fish stocks over the next 3 years. He says that the problem has been aggravated by over fishing and poor fishing methods. Borel explains that most companies are producing below the installed capacity at about 30 percent. //Cue in: iWe've already lost 6 members# Cue out: # such a low level of capacity.i// Uganda has more than 20 fish factories. The factories have been exporting more than 30,000 tones of fish annually, and attracting $150million dollars in foreign exchange earnings.


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