Hoax Prizes Pain Uganda's Athletes

1054 Views Kabale, Western Region, Uganda
The Uganda Athletics Federation is in trouble for failing to deliver on its promise to award prizes for the winning athletes. A group of Athletes have been in Kabale for the last Olympic qualifiers event. The championships were considered a dress rehearsal for all the stars three weeks ahead of the Beijing Olympic Games. The Athletes were promised 30,000, for the first prize winner, 20,000 for second prize winner and 10,000 for the 3rd prize winner. Moses Ejobu won in the long jump category but was shocked to learn that he would not get the prize money. Ejobu says many athletes moved to Kabale hoping to qualify for Beijing Olympics because it was the last opportunity since the closing date is 23rd July 2008. //Cue in: Am called Ejobu Moses # Cue out: #in any other region apart from here.// Patrick Kasaija another athlete from Club C, noted that by refusing to hand over the prizes, the Uganda Athletics federation had set a bad precedent for future decisions on whether or not to participate. //Cue in: Am called Patrick Kasaija# Cue out: #is the most disappointed.// Annet Kabasindi, one of the female athletes, said that they would write a report to Uganda Athletics Federation demanding an explanation for their actions. //Cue in: Am Kabasindi Annett, we have# Cue out: #in a general meeting that is in Kampala.// Vastino Kiwa, the organizing secretary from Uganda Athletics Federation, left unceremoniously without talking to athletes and the media.