Kabale Athletes in Intensive Training for National Championships

1240 Views Kabale, Western Region, Uganda
Athletes from Kabale district are in intensive training for the coming national athletics championships at Namboole Stadium. 20 athletes are in training at Kabale Stadium and are also undergoing high altitude drills in the mountainous district hillside. Derrick Akanyijuka a 400 meter runner says he is determined to upset the reign of athletes from other regions. He says his intention is not only to represent Kabale, but to gain a place on the national athletics team in order to represent the rest of the country. However, Akanyijuka's training is beset by problems. He discloses that he has no sponsor to pay for his specialized diet or to buy him appropriate clothing and shoes. //Cue in: iAm running 400 meters #i Cue out: i# different parts of the country.i// Justus Matovu is training in javelin and trying hard to beat his 6.09-meter personal best record. He too is challenged by the lack of sufficient training equipment, but is determined to beat the national javelin champion, Moses Ejobu, when the champions kick off in Kampala on Saturday. //Cue in: iThe problem of suffering #i Cue out: i# I will be the first.i// Sarah Atwebembeire, a rising star in the 1,500 meter category, is one of a handful of girls on the Kabale athletics team. She is receiving support from her parents to participate in the games and is hopeful of joining Uganda's junior athletics team. //Cue in: iSometimes you get injuries #i Cue out: i# in the hard conditions.i// The national athletics championships are expected to bring together more than 100 athletes from all over Uganda. Michael Byomuhangi is a national coach who is volunteering with the Kabale group. He says the problems of the southwestern Ugandan team are not unique, but hopes that teams will be able to show their best sports men and women in order to build the national athletics forum. //Cue in: iWe are trying to tap the talents #i Cue out: i#we lack very many things.i//