Kasese and Mbale Suspended from Women's Football League

1313 Views Kampala, Uganda
Two teams in the ongoing National Women's Football League have been removed from the play rota for failing to organize events at district level. Florence Bagunwa Nkalubo, the FUFA representative for women's football, says Kasese and Mbale have been suspended from the tournament. They have been replaced by teams from Sironko and Kamuli districts. Nkalubo explains that neither Kasese nor Mbale have held any matches for women's football teams in their districts. She says this worked against the districts because they were unable to build up for the national tournament and did not have any representatives to send to a crucial decider meeting in Kampala last Friday. The second qualifying round of the National Women's Football League will take place from August 3rd to 31st. Inter-regional and national championships will take place in September. Sironko district will play its inaugural game this Saturday.