Kitgum Police RegisterS 75 cases against NUSAF

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Police in Kitgum district have registered 75 cases so far related to the misappropriation of NUSAF funds. Abbas Nyombi, the officer in charge of Kitgum Police post says an independent NUSAF complaints desk has been opened up to cater for the overwhelming number of complaints that trickle in on a daily basis. Most of the cases registered so far implicate sub project management committee members, and district NUSAF officials' for corruption and misappropriation of money. Four management team officials have so far been charged in the courts of law awaiting possible prosecution. Sub-project management committee members in Kitgum town council were arrested for misappropriating about 1.7 million shillings, but later agreed to refund the money a day after they were detained by police. About 1.2 billion U.S dollars of NUSAF funds remain unaccounted for in Kitgum district. The Northern Uganda Social Action Fund is a 133 million dollar project funded by World Bank to fight poverty in Northern Uganda.


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