Lugave Clan Wins Buganda Omweso Tournament

2653 Views Kampala, Uganda
Lugave clan yesterday won the Buganda Bika Omweso Tournament held at Bulange Mengo, taking home a 100,000-shilling prize and a plaque. In second and third place were Nyonyi Nyange and Mamba clans. Musa Tamale of the Nkima clan was named best overall player and was given a prize of 25,000 shillings. John Kasirye of Butiko clan was the runner up, taking home 10,000 shillings for his efforts. The Omweso Tournament was organized by the Buganda and Uganda Mweeso Associations as part of their plans to revive the game. Omweso is one of the family of ancient mancala games played around the world. It is a traditional mind board game whose objective is to be last player to be able to make a legal move, possible by capturing all an opponent's stones or reducing the opponent to no more than one seed in each pit. Several variations of the game exist around the world, with the oldest known mancala boards, dating back to the 6th century, found Ethiopia and Eritrea. In Kenya and Zanzibar it is called Bao and in Ghana, where it is the national game, it is called Oware. It is also played in Southern India, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece and Cape Verde. Ahmed Mwanje, the chairperson of the Omweso Tournament, said plans are underway to introduce formalized championships in schools. He says the Oweso associations are lobbying school administrators for opportunities to teach and expose more young people to the game. //Cue in: iWe are planning #i Cue out: i# and so on.i The Omweso Association is also fundraising for money to support its activities. Currently it raises income by selling membership cards to players for between 5,000 and 50,000 shillings.