Residents laxity blamed for increasing crime in Najjanankumbi, Stella zone

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Laxity among residents of Stella zone in Najjanankumbi, coupled with a breakdown in the area Local Council system, has contributed significantly to the increasing crime in the area. Joseph Katamba, the area secretary for defense, says residents are attacked with iron bars while going back home and its no longer new to find people losing their bags to thieves riding on boda bodas. The increasing rate of crime has been blamed on children that gang up with criminals from other areas to steal. Many people have been attacked between 8pm and 9pm on the murram road from Stella trading center to Kabowa and along Lukwira road by youth high on marijuana. Katamba says the security system that operated along the local council system broke down paving way for criminal activity to take root. Katamba says that before 1998, residents used to voluntary raise money to pay LDUs, but they no-longer collect this money and there is nobody taking care of security. The area residents blamed the increasing rate of crime to the bars in the area some of which operate until morning. One resident, said that criminals hide in bars and video halls where they hide during the day and out in the dark to attack people before running back. police has over the last two months mounted three operations in Stella zone but that has not deterred criminals from attacking people on the road. Residents are also concerned about the big number of conmen populary known as Bafeere in the areas some of who are armed and said to be linked to some security organizations. An elderly lady told Uganda Radio Network that she fears to pass where these conmen stand for fear of being attacked. This group of idle youth intimidates whoever passes their point, which is behind Manueli's bar. The Local Council chairman Quarter zone, John Baptist Ntensibe however blames the insecurity on the laxity of his counterpart in Stella zone. Ntensibe is worried that the crime in Stella zone might spill over to his zone, which has been relatively peaceful.


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