Police bans christian demonstration, vows to arrest protestors

1091 Views Kitgum, Uganda
Police has warned to arrest Christians who will take part in the planned Sunday demonstration to denounce pastor Clement Ogaba. The Christians are demanding for Ogaba's resignation. Ogaba is the National Vice chairperson of Born again churches representing Northern Uganda. His followers united under the Kitgum Born Again Christians are accusing Ogaba of defilement and embezzlement amongst other claims. However the police spokesman for Northern Uganda John Kilama says, police will not hesitate to arrest those who defy the ban on the demonstration. He says such demonstrations impact negatively on the business community. Kilama says that anti-riot police is on standby to start patrolling the streets of Kitgum starting Saturday. He says those who have an axe to grind with pastor Ogaba, should find another way to resolve their dispute instead of resorting to mass demonstrations. According to Kilama police intends to summon Apostle Otto the leader of the anti Ogaba group for threatening violence. Otto on his part vows to carry on with the demonstration. Otto argues that police has no moral authority to interfere in spiritual matters. He says the Christians in Kitgum will blacklist the police as an enemy if their demonstration is blocked.


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