Panic grips IDPs as landmine is burried close to their camp

802 Views Pader, Uganda
Residents of Kiteny Internally Displaced People's camp are living in fear following the discovery of a freshly buried land mine on the road linking Pader town council to Pajule trading centre. An IDP who has declined to reveal his identity for fear of his safety says he was walking with his family of four to the garden this morning when they saw the object half-buried in freshly dug up soil by the road side. He says he immediately alerted the area Local Councilor who in turn called in the Mine Action Team; the group deployed by Prime ministers Office to de mine the formerly rebel infested area. Seriano Byomumangi, a mine specialist who turned up at the scene of the incident categorized the mine as an anti tank landmine. He however wonders the intentions and people who could have buried the mine by the roadside in such an area close to an IDP camp. Byomumangi has urged the community to be keen of suspicious objects and always inform them in time to avoid casualties resulting from the explosives. Santo Okot Lapolo, the Pader Resident District Commissioner later declared the road safe for traveler's minutes after the land mine was removed. Many IDPs are however beginning to worry for their lives following a rise in road ambushes in the district. Layo Angela, a resident of Kiteny IDP camp says that it is now risky for them to work on their gardens and wander around the villages.


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