Kikuubo Retail traders stock for Christmas

1192 Views Kampala, Uganda
As the festive season draws nearer retail traders in Kikuubo are stocking up on their merchandise so as to reap from the seasonal excitement. Dealers in ladies, children and gents wear including suites, blouses, and shirts are not taking chances. Ann Kisembo the owner of Ham Fashions at Mini Price building says she is already stocking up for Christmas. Kisembo owns six shops in Kikuubo. She says they stock heavily during this season because there is increased demand. She says even the customers tend to spend endlessly within during the Christmas festivities. According to Kisembo some of her stock is sourced from wholesale traders in the neighboring Kenya. Most of the clothes sold in Kikuubo are produced in China, Japan and Taiwan. Zubeda Babirye owns a shop at Mukwano arcade dealing in ladies, men and children's wear. Babirye is now making weekly trips to Nairobi to get stocks. She says during the other months of the year she travels once. She says her shop is fully stocked but more of her stock awaits clearing at Malaba boarder post.


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