Speed Governors Law to Return Ahead of Christmas Season

855 Views Kampala, Uganda
The Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura, has announced December 1st as new deadline for motorvehicles to install speed governor. Mr. Kayihura says before the enforcement of the speed governor law was suspended, the rate of fatal accidents had dropped from 20 to 3 paer week. Speaking at a press conference today, Mr. Kayihura also announced new guidelines for long route passanger buses. A form has been developed to ensure that no bus is allowed to load passangers unless it passes a test for sound mechanical condition. The form will be countersigned by a trained mechanic and a driver. Police is also setting up a new traffic section to specifically deal with Boda Boda, Public Service Vehicles and Old Vehicles. The new traffic section will be populated by traffic officers trained to deal with these specific types of vehicles.


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