Ugandan drags Southern Sudan legal affairs minister to court

A Ugandan national Rashid Manafa through his advocate Kabugo Tamale and Co Advocates has sued Mark Maywen, the Southern Sudan Minister for legal affairs and constitutional development. The suit arises from what Manafa claims is the unlawful seizure of his three cars. Manafwa says he had displayed the three cars a Toyota Surf, Isuzu Tipper, and Toyota Corona at Konyo Konyo park yard in Juba for sale. In his suit filed in Kampala high court Manafwa claims that his cars were confiscated in March by Maywen following a botched deal to sell one of the cars to a Sudanese national only identified as Sylvestry. According to Manafwa, Sylvestry wanted to buy the Tipper Truck at 17,000 US dollars and they agreed on when to seal the deal. Manafwa says, Sylvestry instead sent his driver only identified as Jamal to seal the deal. But Jamal turned around to claim that his boss Sylvester had sent him for a Tipper of 1994 model but Manafa delivered 1993 model. Manafa says a heated argument broke out between him and Jamal before he called the minister to intervene. He claims in the suite that the minister showed up with armed men who impounded the tipper and the other two cars that were still packed at Konyo Konyo. Manafa has asked Court to help him recover his three motor vehicles, compensation for the lost income of USD 900, the daily revenue he used to get from his cars and the total court costs.


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