Residents of Kiteezi threaten to force KCC to close landfill

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Residents of Kiteezi village are threatening to order Kampala City Council (KCC) to close its land fill in the area because of the increasing cases of malaria and diarrhea infections. Specioza Sendi says many more cases of Malaria and Diarrhea infections are being recorded as compared to previous years before the landfill was opened. Ssendi who claims to have stayed in the area for decades says they are attacked by big mosquitoes and flies. She says the flies are common during the day. According to Ssendi the situation is worse during the rainy season when the garbage is off loaded near the road leading to their houses. Robert Muwanga another resident says the foul smell from the garbage seems to be the source of attraction for the flies. He says the mosquitoes use the stagnant water to lay and hatch their eggs. He says efforts to get the land fill supervisor to find remedies to their dilemma have yielded nothing. Muwanga says that they are now planning to visit KCC the authority behind the site. The land fill supervisor Jude Lumala says efforts are made to compact and cover the disposed garbage with murram to avoid the foul smell. He says even the water from the garbage has been channeled to the treatment plant, where it is treated before it is discharged to the neighboring swamp. He says the site management has also devised methods of spraying the area with insecticide to kill mosquitoes and flies. The administrator of St Steven Hospital Mpererwe Olivia Nangendo says they receive between 40 and 50 cases of malaria and 200 - 250 cases of diarrhea monthly.


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