Kampala youths turn to landfill for employment

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Youths in Kiteezi have taken advantage of the Kiteezi garbage site in their area to mint some quick cash and earn a descent life. Jimmy Mukuye one of the many youths at Kiteezi says he earns between 2000 and 4000 shillings daily at the garbage site. Mukuye's job involves sorting and packing plastic wastes into bags. According to Mukuye before he started work at Kiteezi garbage site earning even a single shilling was far fetched. Mukuye says he does not think of living the land fill. His ambition is to raise enough savings so that he can buy a plot of land. Herbert Mugabe, a middle scrap agent says with his working capital is 50,000 shillings. Mugabe says makes a profit of 15,000 shillings which helps him to take care of his family. A kilogram of plastic scrap costs 200 shillings. Mugabe says after collecting the plastic scrap he sells it at Nakawa Industrial Area. Lumala Jude the Kiteezi land fill site supervisor, says they receive between 500 -600 tones of garbage on a daily basis.


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