Brothers sentenced to death for murdering own parents

1402 Views Kampala, Uganda
High court judge Justice Benjamin Kabiito has today sentenced two brothers to death for murdering their parents. Peter Kagiri and Kibanda Yuda of Kikandwa village in Luwero district were found guilty of murdering Raphael Kiwanuka 70 and Catherine Yuda 49. They committed the offence on August 20, 2004, when they attacked and hacked their sleeping parents to death. Kagiri and Kibanda said they killed their parents in self defense after they threatened to kill them for refusing to involve themselves in family witchcraft. Kagiri also said that their parents had denied them education on top of making him impotent. Both Kagiri and his sibling Kibanda did not deny the charges of murder, but asked court to give them a lenient sentence since they had spent four years on remand. Kagiri asked court to acquit his younger brother Yuda since he was not directly involved in the murder. However Kabiito ruled that the murder was deliberate since the defendants planned to attack their parents who were asleep and stopped their sister from alerting the police. He said while the deceased were involved in witchcraft they were killed in the most inhuman manner that contravenes the law. He said Kagiri and his brother Yuda would have turned to courts of law to get justice from their parents.


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