Road work hurts Wakiso residents

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Residents of Kiwenda and Namulonge in Wakiso district are battling heavy dust because of the on going construction of the Gayaaza Ziroobwe road. Because of the chocking dust from the road, customers and tenants are shunning business and rental houses at Kiwenda Trading Centre. Enago construction Company, started work on the road in April this year. Sarah Namusoke a resident of Kiwenda Central Zone says in addition to the dust rain water runs off straight into her house as a result of the on going road works. //Cue In: iWhere I stay#i Cue Out: i#the slope.i// Another resident Hannifer Naluyilika says that because of the absence of a culvert to connect her house to the road she fell while trying to climb the slopes created by the contractors and sustained deep cuts in the mouth. She says her income has also been affected because several tenants have abandoned her house as a result of the ongoing road works. Naluyilika says that the road contractors just laugh off when they see the residents fall off as they struggle to reach their homes instead of offering a solution. Hebert Kisitu the chairperson Kiwenda Central Zone says he has been contacted by residents to prevail on the contractors. Kisitu says he does have any ready solution since he is also affected by the road works. Moreen Muwonge a nurse at Namulonge trading center says that patients find it hard to reach her clinic. She says the road to her clinic is too steep. Muwonge says they have dug put up temporary steps to help them reach their houses. //Cue In: iHe needs#i Cue Out: i#are seeing.i// Mirembe Christine who concurs the road works is good because it results in development says, the authorities should always ensure that resident's livelihoods are not disrupted.


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