Matanda refugee camp will start operating when basic facilities are in place

2212 Views Kanungu, Uganda
The State Minister for disaster preparedness, Musa Ecweru, says the newly established transit camp for refugees at Matanda in Kanungu will only open after basic facilities are in place. Ecweru has appealed to aid agencies to help the government to set up the facilities to make Matanda habitable. The Kanungu district local council recently donated 700 acres of land to government to host the Congolese refugees. Ecweru says Matanda will host refugees who have decided to wait for the situation in Eastern Congo to normalize. He says Ishasha border post still holds close to 2000 refugees who have declined to relocate to Nakivale camp in Isingiro district. Ecweru has promised that government will provide food, water and medicine at Matanda. Robert Russo, the UNHCR spokesperson says all efforts are being made to provide shelter and latrines at Matanda. The camp is expected to hold 50,000 refugees. Russo says the new arrivals at Ishasha border post have stretched the existing facilities. She says the Ishasha border post suffers from inadequate water supply, sanitation and accommodation facilities.


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