Drivers in mad dash for speed governors to beat the Dec 1 deadline

1269 Views Kampala, Uganda
Vehicle owners are rushing to purchase and fix speed governors in their cars by the end of this month. The dash follows a police ultimatum to impound all cars without the speed governors by the end of November. Beatrice Alyanata Tink, the public relations officer spear Motors limited says they have registered a 60 increment in the sale of the speed governors since the police directive was issued. She says in the previous months, most of their purchases were made by owners of fleet cars and a few private cars. She however says since the inspector general of police warned to the motorist many taxi and buses have had their cars installed with speed governors. Paul Ssemujju, who owns three taxis, says although the speed governors are expensive they are essential in saving his investment and the lives of the passengers. He says uncontrolled speed can lead to grievous damage. Ssemujju says has been reluctant to install speed governors because of the high cots. A speed governor costs 275,000 shillings. However another driver Mayanja Ssengendo says he does not see the point of installing speed governors with the endless traffic jam in the city. Mayanja says the process of installing the speed governors is a useless venture aimed at causing mechanical damage to his vehicle. Major General Kale Kayihura has vowed to impound all cars without speed governors by Dec 1.


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