Woolworths Uganda not Affected by Woolworths UK Closure

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The troubles plaguing Woolworths stores internationally have not affected its operations in Uganda. Woolworths is one of the companies caught in the global financial crisis. In the United Kingdom it has been forced to close all its outlets because of mounting debts and losses. 27,000 permanent and temporary staff will lose their jobs unless a last-minute investor can bail out the company. The shockwaves from this closure will not stop Woolworths work in Uganda. The Woolworths Uganda country operations manager, Catherine Zalwango, says the store in Kampala is not affiliated to Woolworths UK, but Woolworths South Africa. She explains that despite its name, Woolworths South Africa is not affiliated to the parent company in Britain, but to food and clothing outlet, Marks and Spencer. //Cue in: iThat is Woolworth #i Cue out: i# nearby future.i// All Woolworths South Africa affiliates in Zambia, Kenya and South Africa are still in operation. Zalwango says the shop in the Garden City complex is growing strong, this Christmas offering a 20 percent discount on all its products. Woolworths UK is a 99-year-old company. It was the home for everything from household items to kitchenware and tools and to haberdashery and toys. In Uganda the company specializes in boutique sales. Woolworth Uganda has not been affected by the Worldwide closure of Woolworth UK outlets in the World. //Cue in: iWhen customers #i Cue out: i# Woolworth is gone.i//


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