Blue 3 Stars Determined To Fight On

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Blue 3 stars born out of the Coca Cola Pop Star talent search in 2003, has been away from the entertainment scene for the last nine months, since Cinderella Sanyu a.k.a Cindy - a founding member abandoned the group. Cindy decided to go solo early last year, but her departure seems to have caught the remaining members of the group unawares. Jackie Chndiru and Lillian Mbabazi, say they are determined to move on irrespective of Cindy's departure from the group. Chandiru, Mbabazi and Cindy's replacement Mya Baganda, say they are working on their third album. The album with a single itogetheri also has several collaborations with Vampose, according to Chandiru. The artists say their new album has nothing to do with the current situation in the group, but it's about the first day someone falls in love. //Cue in: iThe latest#i Cue Out: i#group before.i// Blue 3 has two albums Hitaji and Nsanyuka Naawe which have 27 songs; their new release will have 12 songs. Baganda a former member of the Combat Dancers says she could not turn down, the invitation to fill in the gap left behind by Cindy. Baganda holds a diploma in Computer Graphics from UPTEC on Conrad Plaza and says she is in Blue 3 in her own right and not to imitate someone else. //Cue in: iUah last#i Cue Out: i#other ability.i//


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