Fort Portal and Kampala Experiement with New Solid Waste Management Systems

Comments 3886 Views Fort Portal, Uganda
Fort Portal town at the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains is determined to deal with a problem that has dogged it for years. Recently the municipal authorities opened a 480 million-shilling garbage recycling plant to manage the huge rotting heaps of rubbish that threatened to turn the idyllic rural town into a cesspool. Gladys Natugonza, the municipal environmental officer, says 20 new garbage collection skips and four trucks were acquired for Fort Portal using a World Bank grant and disposal of the waste was regularized. Residents of Fort Portal say there is already a noticeable change in the town since these changes were made. Robinah Bwita, the owner of Travelers' Inn in Fort Portal, says that before the new garbage collection routine was enforced, she lost many customers because of the mountain of garbage dumped near her hotel. She welcomes the new change and wants the municipal authorities to further enforce cleanliness in the town by levying high fines on anyone found littering public areas. More than 80 residents of Kitere, where the new garbage recycling plant is located, have found employment at the plant. The once quiet corner of Fort Portal is a beehive of activity with new businesses established to cater for the plant's employees. Electricity and water have also been supplied to the area. The Mayor of Fort Portal town, Edison Asaba, says all kinds of garbage